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​"David Burgin is a catalyst for  developing a results oriented culture teaching and motivating in a way that can get even the staunchest fence sitter to jump in the game....."

​David Burgin, President


David Burgin has 25 plus years of outstanding leadership in retail automotive and financial services.

A successful history of driving Dealership Profitability using Customer Friendly Processes and Guaranteed Marketing Solutions has earned David recognition as an expert Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator in the Automotive Industry.

David has recruited, developed and motivated thousands of sales, service and finance producers for dealerships nationwide. His expertise also includes Management, Fixed Operations, Inventory Controls and Operational Metrics.

Driving Dealership Revenue With Customer-centric         Processes in Sales, Service and F&I

 < Guaranteed Marketing Solutions >​


* Salesperson Training

* Increasing Showroom Traffic

* Processes for Variable Operations

* Service Advisor Training

* Finance Department  Development
* Dealer Wealth Management

* Guaranteed Marketing Strategies

* Legal Compliance Tools
* Management  Consulting

* Leadership Development

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