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Knight in Shining Armor, Mr. Fix it, Dragon Slayer, Mr. Revenue.....

Knight in Shining Armor, Mr. Fix it, Dragon Slayer, Mr. Revenue


   D Burgin Development’s training curriculum for variable operations include Sales, Management, F&I and Service Drive Sales. We act as catalysts through process development to enhance dealer culture, while substantially increasing revenue and CS I. We have increased dealership pre-tax profit an additional $500,000 to $1,000,000 in the first year. Our information is woven around the customer’s psychology and functions in harmony with any current sales system.
 While many consultants find problems, we provide solutions to virtually any issue including; Inventory Controls, Used Car Acquisition and Aging Models, Expense Controls, General Dealership Policies and Procedures. Through sharing best practices from dealerships across the country, our clients develop a more efficient way of doing business in a competitive market, while substantially increasing their net profit.
You can lower your advertising budget while gaining market share. Our technology driven marketing methods provide proven, quantifiable and money-back guaranteed results. We don't wear out your data base so the program is sustainable over the long term. Guaranteed Marketing Solutions targets only in-market buyers making your dealership immune from the “credit card and direct mail syndrome” Email or call today for a no-obligation online presentation. or 916.494.1340
  Your service advisers will go from order-takers to profit-makers with proven processes that include; Interactive Walk-Around, Effective Questions, Time Management Skills, Active Delivery and more. D Burgin Development also provides dealerships with Service Customer Retention Tools and Marketing Formats that produce proven results.






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