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What They're Saying About the Results....

“David Burgin brings added value to training with his knowledge of total dealership management. I would recommend David to everyone, everyone except my competition.”   
Gary  Minneman, Toyota Franchise Owner
​"We have experienced a decrease in our salesperson turnover while we have been able to grow our sales and increase our front gross on new and used vehicles. David brings a dynamic, refreshing approach that works!"
Paul Friesche, Chevrolet GM
“Searching for a sales trainer, I was looking for someone who lined up with our business plan, not someone who would come in and recommend I fire the staff and create a high pressure atmosphere. David Burgin was the perfect match. His sales and training approach is customer friendly while effectively closing the sale on the spot. In addition, David’s experience was helpful in all aspects of our business. He is an expert in the finance office and was instrumental in increasing our bottom line even in fixed ops. David is the complete package. He puts his heart into his clients and demands results."
Doug Mathers, Chrysler Principal
"David Burgin is without a doubt, the single most informative, cutting edge, high energy sales trainer for retail auto I've ever experienced!"
Gerald Schaultz, President GSA
"Our association David Burgin has been nothing short of extraordinary.  We implemented his Sales Methodology in one of our stores and the results were almost immediate.  Our sales volume increased over 30% in the first sixty days of implementation.  More importantly, our sales gross increased an average of over 68% over the first five months.  The bottom line result was an increase of over $350,000 net to the Dealership Operation.  What David teaches continues to repeat its' successes month after month, even in these most difficult times"
Walter Alfaro, General Manager Perry Ford

“After going through David’s training and working the process, I made $133, 000. my first full year in the car business Take it from a salesman..... this training works! Thanks David! “
Aaron Shieldnight, Chevrolet Salesperson



“Burgin has this huge deep vibrato, tone and attitude to his playing. He has his own unique style and an amazing sense of time and phrasing.”

Carlos del Junco

David Burgin copyright 2012

Copyright David Burgin 2012

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